My discount dental plan has been such a great investment. When I retired, I found myself without dental coverage. I looked at the dental insurance plan that I had previously had while employed and quickly determined that the cost was too pricey for me. – Michael J. – Dallas, TX

I called in and it took less than 15 minutes to get a call back. The specialist was on the phone with me for less than 30 minutes and knew which dental plans that suits me. I have already recommended the service to others and will continue to do so. – Albert S. -Ocala, Fl

After comparing all of the plans online, I decided to get the PPO Plan from NAOBL. This plan has more than paid for itself. I have always received the best customer service whenever I call them for assistance. Thanks so much for offering us affordable options for dental care. – Phillip B. – Sacramento, CA
The biggest mistake I made when I retired was without dental insurance. I wasn’t too concerned about it until I found out that I needed two crowns almost immediately. Luckily,I found them. I signed up for the Dental Discount Plan and saved close to half the amount I would have originally had to pay. – Cody W. – Pitsburgh, PA
I signed my family up for a Dental Plan and it was the best decision I have made. The plan has the lowest monthly premium which is great for my current economic situation. As we regularly go for detailed oral exam and teeth cleaning,the savings really adds up. Thanks. – Elizabeth M. – Boca Raton, FL
Not only was I able to choose many different dental plans in my area,I found the best one which fits my needs. I needed a molar root canal and two crowns and luckily, these things are included and covered! – Wayne C. -Freehold, NJ
I have bought the Plan for 2 years ago and it has saved me tons of money. A dental insurance plan through my husband’s company would have cost $2,500 which would include cleanings for the first year, co-pays for each visit, and caps. For under few hundred dollars each year my whole family of 4 receives incredible dental care savings. I have recommended this plan to all of my friends. – Paul A. Houston, TX
I have just signed up for a plan on Tuesday morning and the dentist saw me that same day for a full cleaning with 4 bite wing xrays for only $92. That’s a huge saving in my mind! – Baron G. -Atlanta, GA
Through the PPO Plan, I have found a wonderful dentist and saved a fortune on dental needs. I am so happy with the dental package that my sister is now going to sign up. Thank you very much. – Charles F. – Baton Rouge, LA
We have been on their Dental Plan for a little over two months and we have to tell you that we absolutely love it. We have already had to use the plan and it was as simple as it was when we signed up. We saved the more on the first treatment then the plan cost for the entire family. I would recommend this plan to anyone. Thank you! – Patrick F. – Long Beach, CA
I just wanted to drop a note about how thankful I am for discovering your website. My wife had visited her dentist and was told that she required a Complete Upper Denture which was quoted at $2,000. 00. I found them and called the number. After speaking with a dental insurance specialist who explained everything, I signed up for the Dental Plan. My wife just had the work done for $935. 00 – A huge savings of about 1000$. I cannot thank you enough and look forward to years of quality service. – Daquan J. – San Antonio, TX
My company does cover dental insurance, however I chose to purchase the Dental plan. After careful review, I believe that the plan offers the best value for my family. Thanks! – Elizabeth L. – Fort Meyers, FL
Just wanted to send you a quick thank your for providing the PPO Plan. With this plan, I saved over $2,000! I just wanted to say thank you and I would recommend this plan to everybody that I know. You guys are the best! – Peter L. -Houston TX
Thank you so much for this wonderful dental plan! You have saved me a ridiculuos amount of money. I had my whole mouth redone and saved so much! This is going to be my second year with this plan since I renewed it. You are the best; there are no hassles at the drug store or dental office. – Ryan T. -Riverside,CA
I would like to express my gratitude for providing me with a much needed discount dental plan. Two weeks after I bought a plan. I got a complete exam for only 56 dollars! After many years of not going to the dentist, I only had to pay $800 total. I thought the plan sounded too good to be true but it wasn’t, and I am really grateful. I also wanted to express my appreciation for the hospitality during my call. That shows that customer care is a priority. – April B. – Waynesville, NC
I am truly pleased that I signed up for the PPO Dental Plan, along with the quality of care I received. I visited the dentist for a root canal and received professional, courteous service. This is a affordable service for seniors! – Iris S. – Naples, FL
I found a great dental plan and saved hundreds of dollars. I didnt have to worry about paperwork; I just tell them my needs and they suggested the best dental plan for me. I am also pleased with the customer service they provided! – Jennifer F. – Pittsburgh, PA
I had trouble affording the dental care I needed. Fortunately, with my new discount dental plan, I can afford to get the dental care I really need, which includes two new crowns and one root canal. Without this plan, I would be forced to compromise on care again, or untreated. This would cause even more problems, and a lot of serious pain. Thank you for providing me with this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to many years with my discount dental plan, and good dental health. – Jacob D- Nashville, TN

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